Automotive SEO Case Study – Central Truck Sales

Central Trucks Sales

We helped Central Trucks Sales increase his business by 500% in less than 6 Months! Click on the image to view the case study.


Client: Central Truck Sales

Topic: Automotive SEO Domination Strategy

The Situation:
Our client was:

  • Middle to large-sized company in the commercial truck dealer industry
  • Needed more sales leads and completions
  • Needed a website redesign to draw customers
  • Needed online web marketing strategy

Site History Detail:

Client started with us in July of 2010. He stated that: “Our old website wasn’t even a factor in our sales.” It was extreme makeover time.

The challenges faced were:

  • Poorly designed website that never generated any sales leads
  • No internet marketing strategy at all
  • Client unawareness of what Search Engine Marketing involved

The actions taken to address the issues:

  • Educate client on Search Engine Marketing strategies that would work for his company
  • Extreme website makeover to include a user-friendly approach as well as on-site optimization for all pages
  • Extensive analysis to find high conversion keywords for client’s industry niche
  • Implemented landing pages for all identified keywords
  • Provided useful, quality content on the website for Search Engine Optimization strategy purposes
  • Implemented quality content off-site articles to assist SEO strategic plan for all keywords
  • Continued organic SEO strategy with quality back links and bookmarks
  • Ongoing customer-unique organic SEM that builds on each prior month’s results

As a result of our actions:

  • Fully functional and optimized website filled with useful, quality content
  • Remarkably increase in website recognition on the Search Engines
  • Took appropriate and lead-generating 20 keywords from:
    • Zero recognition to as high as #13 on the top keyword in (1) month
    • Top 20 for all keywords in (3) months
    • Top 10 for all keywords in (9) months
    • Continued upward increase for all keywords continues
  • Sales of client’s vehicles skyrocketed so much that normal non-productive winter months so over-performed that vacation time no longer existed
  • Client is working on 2nd website for more refined SEM in his niche market


“Central Truck Sales has been thrilled to work with Web Unlimited for SEO initiatives that go beyond Pay-Per-Click (PPC). We could not have made a better decision on who to help us build our new website and increase our web presence. Web Unlimited utilizes aggressive and competitive techniques to emphasize organic methods for search engine dominance instead of Pay-Per-Click campaigns. In building an organic presence, Web Unlimited has brought to CRS exceptional results while keeping costs down and searches strong. Believe it or not, this isn’t even their best asset. The personal advice and consultation as well as ongoing feedback provided by their representatives has given us the gift that keeps on giving by allowing our people to learn and grown alongside our website. Web Unlimited has been a fantastic ally in the growth of our company and Central Truck Sales fully endorses their services to anyone inquiring. Thanks, Web Unlimited!” — CENTRAL TRUCK SALES INC.

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